Teacup and Tiny Toy Yorkiepoo puppies for sale.
The Traditional YorkiePoo of Black and Tan are a crossbreed of purebred Yorkie and Teacup Poodle. We are very Proud to have a new line of our Exotic Colorful Merle Yorkiepoo puppies, with colors of Blue or Chocolate Merle Teacup Yorkie poo puppies, some of our Merle Yorkie poo puppies may have Blue Eyes,

The Yorkiepoo is perfectly suited to apartment life and make great companions. They love to play when they aren't begging to sit next to you or even curled up in your lap. They are excellent family pets! Yorkiepoos are hypoallergenic for those sensitive to dog allergies. Yorkiepoos are wonderful with kids, though, with all small dogs, we suggest supervision with young children. They are very intelligent which makes training easy for novice dog owners.

Some of our Teacup and Tiny toy Yorkiepoos come in Merle colors and patterns including Blueberry Merle Yorkie poo and Chocolate Merle Yorkie poos. Our Teacup Yorkie poo puppies are typically 4 - 6 lbs fully grown.

Black, White and Tan Parti Yorkipoo

"Yoda" is a White and Tan Parti Male Yorkipoo

Male White and Tan Parti Yorkipoo

DOB:  08/01/2023.  Projected Adult Weight is 5 - 6 lbs.

Male White and Tan Parti Yorkipoo

Blueberry Merle Yorkiepoo

"Hans"  is a Male Blueberry Merle Yorkiepoo.

Male Blueberry Merle Yorkiepoo

DOB: 08/01/2023-    Projected Adult Weight is 6 - 7 lbs

Male Blueberry Merle Yorkiepoo

We are located in Angie Louisiana and Welcome you to come and pick up your new Yorkie poo puppy if you live within driving distance of New Orleans, La, Baton Rouge or in the neighboring states of Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Texas or even in Tennessee,

We ship our puppies nationwide! Don't let distance stop you from falling in love with Collett's Teacup Yorkie poo puppies. We are AKC inspected and approved. You can trust in our healthy, happy puppies! We want our loves to help your family feel whole! Nationwide shipping varies by location. For questions about international shipping, don't hesitate to call Collett's at (985) 515-7799 or email us at garygcollett@gmail.com.

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