About Collett's Country Kennel

For over 18 years, Collett's Country Kennel has been spreading our passion for teacup and tiny toy breeds. We lovingly place our pupppies in homes nationwide. We are an AKC inspected and approved kennel. We breed French bulldogs, yorkies, poodles, maltipoos, and yorkiepoos in Louisiana. These small breeds have such big personalities! Our designer breed maltipoos and yorkiepoos are crossbred from only purebred F1 (first generation) maltese and poodles and yorkies and poodles.

Shipping A Puppy

Shipping costs will vary by intended location. Our puppies are always shipped with a puppy nanny and require the new owner to be present on pick-up. All purchasing prices are for puppies sold in the United States. If you are a nationwide or international family interested in shipping one of our teacup or tiny toy puppies, please call Collett's Country Kennel for more information!

References and Health Information

We trust and respect the hard-working veterinary staff at Columbia Animal Hospital for shots and growth check-ups. They can be reached at (601) 736-3041.

We also use Tylertown Animal Hospital, (601) 876-2282.

Our puppies are groomed at Head To Tails Pet Groomers, (985) 839-9027.

Once of age, our puppies (and sires and dams) are fed PURINA to encourage a healthy digestive system and proper growth.

Questions About Adoption and Shipping?

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