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French Bulldog puppies

French Bulldogs typically weigh 18-22 lbs in adulthood. They have large, square heads, beautiful medium-sized eyes, and elongated, perky ears. They have strong, broad muzzles and black noses. Frenchies require minimal outdoor exercise and adapt well to all kinds of family settings --singles, couples, and families. This makes them very popular for city life or expansive farms! Their happiness and adaptability translates to life with other pets, too. However, caution should always be taken when introducing new furry families to one another. French bulldogs are alert and observant for families interested in watchdog qualities. They are just as happy in a lavish, pampered life, too!

Collett's Country Kennel has French Bulldog puppies in a range of colors including Brindle, White, or Fawn. We love gorgeous and exotic Merle patterns! Our French bulldogs are Blue Merle, Chocolate merle, Blue Sable, Brindle and White, Red and White Pied, White, and we will have Chocolate and White Pied coming soon! Collett's Country Kennel French bulldogs are AKC registered. For questions about AKC paperwork, please call or email!

We ship our puppies nationwide! Don't let distance stop you from falling in love with Collett's Country Kennel puppies. We are AKC inspected and approved. You can trust in our healthy, happy puppies! We want our loves to help your family feel whole! Nationwide shipping varies by location. For questions about international shipping, don't hesitate to call Collett's at (985) 848-9796 or email us at

One of our Breading Male Bulldogs

Chocolate Merle Male French Bulldog

One of our Breading Female Bulldogs

Black and White Female French Bulldog

We have some Puppies!

"Cupcake" is a AKC Female Lemon and White Pied

White Pied French Bulldog

Cupcake, Nine Week old French Bulldog.

French Bulldog puppy

"Choco Man" is a Male Chocolate Merle French Bulldog

Choco choco

"Choco Man" colores are something to see.


"Brave" is a Male Chocolate Merle with Green Eyes.

Brave Brave

"Brave" has a huge head and a short Coby Body and short legs.

Brave Great

"Candy Kisses" is a Female Chocolate French Bulldog

Hershey Kiss Left

"Candy Kisses" has Blue Eyes that may turn a light shade of green

Hershey Kiss Right

"Midnight" is a Female Midnight Black French Bulldog

Midnight Left

"Emory" has White markings on her chest and feet

Midnight Right

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