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Our French Bulldog Selection
Merle French Bulldog puppies are here.  We have Blue Merles, Chocolate Merle and Blue Sable.

We have French bulldog puppies for sale. Our male Saint is out of RMG kennels in Iowa. Thank you Mary Lou. We have brindle and white, red and white pied, white and we will have chocolate and white pied French bulldog puppies coming. AKC registered French bulldog puppies for sale.

The French Bulldog is a small muscular breed with a compact frame. It has a large head which is square in appearance, medium sized eyes, ears which are elongated, set high erect with a slightly rounded tip, black nose, a deep muzzle which is strong and broad. This breed has a small tail. The tail is carried low when relaxed. It has medium sized legs and feet with a short, smooth and fine coat. The color of the coat can be white, brindle, fawn or a mixture of brindle and white. Approximate adult weight is 18-22 lbs for both Male and Female.

AKC Registered French Bulldogs

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"Shipping inside the United States is $400
Last Updated on 02/18/2019

These Puppies are Heavy with Blue Lines
New litter of Merles
If you are looking for Blue in your Puppy you found the place.  Joy has heavy blue lines on both sides.
Joy is a White and Black Female.  DOB is 8/26/2018.  Heavy with Blue Lines.  
Merle Babies