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We are a AKC Teacup and Tiny Toy Yorkie breeder.  We have traditional Yorkies, Parti Yorkies and Merls (Blackberry and Blueberry) for sale at Colletts Country Kennel. Teacup and tiny toy Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale in Louisiana. Black and White Parti Yorkie puppies and we have choc. yorkie tiny toy yorkie puppies for sale. Check out our Micro yorkies puppies when available.

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Yorkies are very smart with big personalities, they are also one of the more popular dog breeds in the United States. Yorkies have silky hair which should be brushed regularly if kept long. They also require a moderate amount of grooming. They are very energetic and enjoy regular exercise. Yorkies are also hypoallergenic and good for someone who has allergies. Despite their small size they make excellent guard dogs, due to being very protective, vocal and loyal. Yorkies are wonderful companions that love to be pampered and snuggled.
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All prices are for puppies sold in the United States.

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Last updated: 06/10/2019

Our Yorkie Selection

Tiny Toy Yorkie Puppies in Louisiana
Yorkie Puppies for Sale in Louisiana
Maggie is a Beautiful Teecup Black and Gold Female Yorkie.  DOB is 11/24/2018.  Projected adult weight is 3 1/2 lbs.  Just look at her gorgeous babydoll face.
Taylor is a Black/White and Gold Yorkie Parti male. DOB is 11/12/2018.  Projected adult weight is 5 1/2  - 6 lbs.  Very Nice and Beautiful Colors.   Taylor comes from our Merle Lines.
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Mary is a Beautiful Black and Gold Teacup Yorkie Female. DOB is 1/1/2019. Projected Adult weight is 4 - 5 lbs. 
Macy is a Beautiful Black and Gold Tiny Toy Female Yorkie.  Date of Birth is 1/1/2019. Projected adult weight is 5 to 5 1/2 lbs.  
Mark is a Tiny Toy Black and Gold Male Yorkie.  DOB is 1/1/2019.  Projected adult weigh is 6 lbs.